Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Chapter 1. War in Heaven

Since the beginning of time, the essence of what is good has been identified in the person of God.
The essence of anything that opposes what is good has been identified in the person of the Devil.
The universe has been at war ever since the potential for evil was realized.
The question regarding the origin of evil has been the issue behind this heavenly war.
Only the revealing of the undeniable truth regarding this question will bring about its end.

The  skies of Heaven  were filled with the fury of angels pitted against angels. The demons of the air showed no mercy. Their bloodstained swords sliced through one angel wing after another, sending their many victims tail-spinning  into the black and white swirling  vortex below. There were too many of them now; the sky was crawling with a dark army large enough to take out half of the angelic throng with ease. Moreover, from a larger view, it was obvious that they were very articulated in who it was that they were hunting.  God was watching from this larger view, and at the extravagance of the blood-lust before Him.
As He looked on, he saw a legion of  armed demons slowly dragging the chain-bound and floating form of the mammoth, guardian beast out over the abyss. They had blinded the uncountable eyes of this angelic watcher with the immense, red curtain from the Celestial Governing Hall ; the one which had once surrounded the very Ark of God's presence.  It was obvious that they were about to do the unthinkable. A battalion of them began chopping with ferocity  at one of the beast's six  wings like they were attempting to fall a skyscraper. The beast screamed out its agonizing disapproval, as blood began to rain, and then float out into the atmosphere around it. Even though this gargantuan creature had attempted to break free, the legion of dark ones held on to the chains that bound its neck and feet  firmly in response, working in union with one another. The great swirling void lay in wait underneath it, as its gaping mouth awaited its next meal. There was no way of escape.

They had taken hold of the Celestial government building now, and with it, they had a commanding view of the war at hand. The Crystal Sea gave up its images, of every move being made upon this astral battlefield, to the battalion, and the demonic general in command who called out the military strategies to them telepathically, as he saw fit. One unveiled image caused him to look at it twice. He instantly let out a high pitched squeal. He screamed out,"Blaph am scro shi matta!" The demon  troops under his company immediately took  formation around the Crystal Sea's perimeter, and there was dead silence as they waited in bloodthirsty anticipation. The far off  swarming sound of an approaching army  became louder and louder, as the dark ones stood their ground. And all at once, there was chaos, as the inevitable collision of black and white forces exploded through the anticipation.
God's attention was instantly taken aback by one battle in particular, however.
The archangel Michael fought with vigor, as the speed of his fighting blade shot rays of light into the orange red sky. His opponent was just as fast, and well matched to the challenge that this general, in God's army, had to offer. One would not have to look again to know that the passion behind this battle was of an intensely personal nature. Black hatred governed the eyes of them both, and each offensive maneuver  was a lustfully charged and deliberate one.
As they fought, God looked down at Michael's opponent with disdain. Every time God saw his face, He was reminded of His own discomfort. That, and strangely enough, His own justification.
How rejected you are from the Kingdom of Heaven, Lucifer, Son of the Morning. How you shall be thrown down to the earth now, you who have weakened the nations!", God uttered under His breath, as the ensuing battle continued before Him.  As He turned away  from Lucifer, He began to reminisce to when all of this started; yea, to when the 'thorn' in God's side was born.


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  1. Cool !! Wanting to read more..which in my opinion is.. The essence of good writing !! \m/

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  2. Hi Lizzy..thank u so much, and yes, I'd really appreciate the promotion 4 sure!! my facebook is . Looking forward to meeting u there. As well,my 2nd excerpt of The Adversary is Monday evening(tonight) Cheers, Danger Vain